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Millions have been overcharged stamp duty due to complex rules being overlooked or misunderstood. We have already helped many clients obtain the refund that they deserve.

Our average refund is over £8,500. If you have purchased a property within the past 6 years, we could help you!

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Here are some examples of client situations and refunds that we have that we have successfully recovered.

    Non-UK resident refund

    - Mrs Freeman

    £9,000.00 was issued by HMRC

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    Multiple purchases

    - Mrs Marrinan

    Refund of over £16000.00

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    A first-time buyer

    - Miss Losub

    Full refund was issued

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    Purchasing a second home

    - Mr Penman

    Refund in the sum of over £18,000.00

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    An uninhabitable property

    - Mrs Sun

    Recovered a refund of over £40,000.00

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    An uninhabitable property

    - Mr Parker

    We successfully recovered a full refund

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Reasons for

Stamp duty land tax involves navigating a complex landscape of legislation, complete with ever-changing rules and rates. The amount you’re required to pay hinges on several factors, including property value, prevailing rates, and the buyer’s position.

The intricacies of stamp duty land tax contribute to numerous potential reasons for incorrect payments. This can stem from errors in calculations made by the conveyancer, relying solely on HMRC’s stamp duty land tax calculator, overlooking the property’s condition, or neglecting the buyer’s circumstances.

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Are you eligible?

If you think you have paid the wrong amount of stamp duty and you purchased your property
within the past 6 years, you could be eligible!
All you need to do is call us on 0151 347 8077 or hit the eligibility button below
and answer a few simple questions.

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Submitting a claim.

The initial step involves determining whether an incorrect amount of stamp duty has been paid, warranting a refund. This is where our assistance comes in. Our team of experts will evaluate your situation, offering a seamless experience when applying for your refund.

We will assess the viability of your case, gather all the necessary application documents, and submit a detailed application. This application will demonstrate the reasons behind the refund request, specify the refund amount, and reference relevant legislation and case law where applicable. Our aim is to ensure the strength of your application.

While you can attempt this process independently, it’s important to be aware of the strict timelines, the grounds for a refund, how to calculate the overpayment, and be able to assemble the necessary documents, all of which can be perplexing.

Should you find yourself beyond the HMRC’s application deadline, an alternative route is available. This is especially relevant if you received inadequate advice, if your circumstances were disregarded, or if the stamp duty was miscalculated by your conveyancer. Our expert team can guide you through this process to recover the refund you rightfully deserve.

We consider all cases within the past 6 years.

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Stamp duty FAQs.

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